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Open Payment Network

Delivering The Best Instant Payment Network Solution... Today.

By connecting to OPN you can send and receive instant payments with no limitation of time or network, regardless of your financial institution's size.

How OPN Works

OPN moves payment value and associated data in real time for safe, secure, and immediate settlement. The platform integrates with your existing core systems. The OPN API enables FinTech developers to rapidly create innovative mobile apps and websites to meet ever-changing customer demands.

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OPN Platform Introduction

What OPN means for you

With OPN’s instant digital payment platform, you can deliver modern services such as instant mortgage payments, instant payroll processing, peer-to-peer payment cards, multi-currency payments, and more. This ability can help increase customer engagement and spur greater use of your existing products.

What makes OPN unique

Thanks to years of interoperability work, you can run OPN’s instant payment platform with your core system so you can move funds between countries and currencies with speed, security, and transparency. What’s more, OPN is interoperable with FedNow and RTP so money can be cleared and settled in real time.

Specifically, the OPN platform delivers:

Directory Service

Alias-based payment support and use cases such as peer-to-peer payments.

Enhanced Reporting

Tools to support expanded data analytics and reporting for users.

Enhanced Remittance

Rich Data Format (RDF) supporting large amounts of structured and unstructured data for each transaction.

Flexible API

An API using modern web-based communication protocols for access to information and transactional processing.

Enhanced Fraud Controls

Controls based on cumulative value and velocity parameters so OPN learns based on historical activity to detect fraud.

Confirmation of Payee

The ability to identify payees, such as recipients and beneficiaries, before sending payment to avoid transfer errors.

“The banking business model is struggling with the advancement of technology innovation. Non-bank offerings, generally unregulated and with few restrictions, have outpaced us while setting very high expectations of speed and convenience with our traditional customer base. End user perception of ‘immediate’ up until now is based on advancing funds using someone else’s money, otherwise known as ‘float.’ With OPN we can initiate, clear and settle an instant transfer of funds with virtually no cross-party or systemic risk. This capability only works in an open and interoperable payment system, and OPN is that system.”

Bob Steen – CEO, Bridge Community Bank

Consumer Benefits

Enable your customers to make payments and transfers, anytime, anywhere. For bill pay, let your users send and receive funds instantly or make instant person-to-person payments from anywhere.

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Business Customer Benefits

Help your business customers increase employee satisfaction by enabling them to run payroll as often as they choose, even daily. When it comes to paying sales commissions, they can instantly pay out bonuses as sales revenue is received.

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Developer Benefits

With our flexible API, your FinTech developers can easily build the next wave of custom apps so you can integrate with more third-party service providers and expand your customer offering.

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