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Instant Payments,
Anytime, Anywhere

Open Payment Network™ (OPN) is a technology company that provides a next generation real-time payment system to financial institutions so they can offer innovative applications to their customers. OPN works by extending conventional payment network functionality without costly modification to a financial institution’s core platform while complying with current laws and regulations. Financial institutions trust OPN to meet and exceed their customers’ expectation for innovative payment applications.

The Digital Dilemma

Consumers today expect to take care of everything online or on their phones. The financial sector is no exception. New FinTech firms and digital service segments have emerged, and tech giants like Amazon and PayPal and Internet-only banks like Oxygen have entered the arena, eroding market share of traditional financial institutions. To stand a chance at competing, financial institutions must transform themselves into digital innovators while leveraging their existing core systems. How do they stay competitive?

The OPN Answer

OPN helps financial institutions transform themselves into digital powerhouses, bringing them up to the level of today’s lofty customer expectations by leading them through the seismic shift to faster payments that is being driven by the US Federal Reserve. OPN’s secure technology platform enables instant digital payments via Internet and mobile device while also integrating with existing core systems. And, with the OPN API, financial institutions can rapidly develop new FinTech applications and deliver them to market so they can keep pace with the demands of their current customers and attract new customers as well.

How Does OPN do it?

OPN moves payment value and its associated data together in real time for instant settlement, dramatically speeding up the payment process and delighting mobile and Internet customers. Financial institutions are adopting the OPN platform in order to offer their customers instant mortgage payments, flexible payroll processing, peer-to-peer payment cards, multi-currency payments and a host of other next generations services that allow them to compete aggressively in today’s environment.