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Open Payment Network Participates in FHB Town Hall

Panel of real-time payment experts includes OPN founder and CEO Bradley Wilkes.

September 15, 2021 (Honolulu, Hawaii) – As part of its drive to make real-time payments a reality in Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) hosted a Town Hall meeting with its commercial customers to provide education and increase awareness of real-time payments. Presenters at the meeting included real-time payment expert and OPN CEO Bradley Wilkes, Bridge Community Bank CEO Bob Steen, and MACHA/PAR CEO Mary Gilmeister.

“We are proud to work directly with the largest Hawaiian financial Institution to bring the newest innovative payment system to the market,” said Bradley Wilkes, CEO of Open Payment Network. “We look forward to supplying the best security practices to the solution so that every transaction is protected.”

As the need for real-time payments continues to grow, Open Payment Network has taken the lead in creating a solution where people can send and receive instant payments without limitations of time or network and regardless of a financial institution’s size.

“We are happy to work with Open Payment Network in our effort to help First Hawaiian Bank bring real-time payments to its customers,” said Mary Gilmeister, CEO of MACHA/PAR. “After hearing how OPN can work with the RTP network to increase efficiency for financial institution customers, we were excited to have a front-row seat at the emergence of this new payment category.”

Real-time payments are next-generation payments being facilitated by The Clearing House (TCH) and the Federal Reserve. OPN provides interoperability between these two networks, providing solutions for small- and medium-sized financial institutions.

About First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank was founded in Honolulu Hawaii in 1858 and is Hawaii’s largest financial institution with assets in excess of $25 Billion dollars. FHB’s shares are publicly traded (NASDAQ: FHB). FHB is participating in the FedNow Pilot Program and is a leader in real-time payments.

About Open Payment Network

Open Payment Network™ (OPN) helps financial institutions attract and retain more customers and stay ahead of the competition by enabling them to deliver instant payments anytime, anywhere. By connecting to OPN’s secure technology platform, financial institutions become the gateway for instant payments via Internet and mobile device. The OPN platform integrates with existing core systems and moves payment value and associated data in real time for immediate settlement. Financial institutions can provide access to the OPN API so business customers, fintech developers and internal teams can create applications such as instant mortgage payments, payroll processing, and peer-to-peer payments. Visit www.openpaymentnetwork.us.

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