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Open Payment Network Unveils New OPN API

FinTech Developers now able to build new services on top of OPN Instant Payment capability and deliver value to Financial Institution customers.

Open Payment Network (OPN), the provider of a secure technology platform that enables instant payments anytime, anywhere, today announced the general availability of the OPN API for FinTech developers. The API enables developers to provide their financial institution customers with advanced technology solutions that capitalize on OPN’s ability to make real time payments using the new OPN platform.

“The OPN API comes complete with all the tools necessary for developers to deploy the next generation of technology applications to the financial services market,” said OPN Founder and CEO Bradley Wilkes. “Their development ingenuity and OPN’s real time settlement capability mean that banker’s banks and community financial institutions will get the support they need to deliver new products to their customers.”

The OPN API is available online at the organization’s website and comes with a sandbox so developers can test out the API calls and functionality effectively.

“We believe we are seeing an entire new class of financial applications emerge that takes full advantage of our immediate payment capability,” added Wilkes.

About Open Payment Network

Open Payment Network™ (OPN) helps financial institutions attract and retain more customers and stay ahead of the competition by enabling them to deliver instant payments anytime, anywhere. By connecting to OPN’s secure technology platform, financial institutions become the gateway for instant payments via Internet and mobile device. The OPN platform integrates with existing core systems and moves payment value and associated data in real time for immediate settlement. Financial institutions can provide access to the OPN API so business customers, fintech developers and internal teams can create applications such as instant mortgage payments, payroll processing, and peer-to-peer payments. Visit www.openpaymentnetwork.us.

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